Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday Shred Day

Saturday was dope and had to keep the momentum going for Sunday. Little Mat and I started at my house with some fresh eggs and coffee then to the park by 11. After a little sesh we swung by to pick up Lil' James and hit up the first spot I had found the day before for James. James killed it. Got a call from Stoney wanting to ride so we went back to the park to meet up with him and off we were. Showed up to this nice little up rail. I have been wanting to get some stuff done on it, I have been trying to get James to go up it and Stoney was there feeling something too. We got some warm ups in and I got the camera out. Second go I didnt have enough speed and was at a crazy angle and missed my peg. I punched myself in the face, hit my balls, gashed my leg and hit my foot so now my big toe is black and purple. And pretty much killed everyones mood for an uprail session, sorry guys. I got one pic of the day which is James doing a gap to wall ride. Sweet

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  1. Lol combo crashes are the best. Sounds like a blast. Dig the pic.