Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bottom of the 9th

Went out last thursday with James hoping to get a last clip to finish up my edit due to bike malfunction the last time. I was really anxious to get this clip over with so I can relax until I go to England. And I was leaving town for the weekend so I wouldn't be able to do it then. Bases loaded and the game riding on one pitch.......BOOM! Success. James even busted something for the camera and add to his ever growing repertoire of tricks. And his small list of clips for an edit of him and Matt I'm working on.
Last night Matt and I went out for some clips. He got a little surprise when he wandered into a parking garage. No photos of that session since I left the memory card at work but I have this photo of James.

1 comment:

  1. LOL thats awesome. naked photo shoots are the best. Sean and I ran into a couple of "vintage" type chicks taking really hot pics on a stairwell when we rode through an alley a few months back. Dope icepick J.