Thursday, February 25, 2010


everyone should see this....

Jeremie throwback

I'm in an oldies kind of mood. If anyone has a hi-8 or digital-8 camera I could bring back some old stuff. But yeah, anyone out there let us know. I would like to digitize some old tapes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

new street

The new Devon tower is getting built downtown, projected to be done in 2012.....I sure hope there is some new street spots up in this piece.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Photo: JI sub footjam
Credit: Little Matt

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rily doing his thing

Heres a self edit of Rily Sanders and his house. He used his Cannon Rebel T1i slr camera, which also shoots video. Not bad quality either. I have been looking to buy an slr and after seeing this and our trip to Joplin, it just became a candidate for me.

Rily Sanders self edit at home from jeremie infelise on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More pics

There is a few more pics of the Joplin trip on the Hoffman site.

Quote a la dia ( thats spanish for you idiots that don't know "qiote of the day"

Jeremie Infelise You Have Hair That Looks like suave got aholda ofit. and it loooks luscious and he just farted... loudly.. whoopti doo.

Monday, February 15, 2010

24hrs to Joplin

So Daniel, Rily, Tell, Chris and I headed over to Joplin for a session of warmth.
Nothin like 5 dudes crammed in the Vue, add BMX, beer and gambling and you have a party.
Rode the late session and shut the place down. There were some cool dudes from Arkansas that we shredded with. Got a few pics of one of them, Drew. After the session it was party car to the Hard Rock in Tulsa. It was after 2am so no more booze which made it a loss for everyone, except Daniel. We finally got to bed just before the sun came up. A few short hours later we woke to frigid cold and some snow...crap. We were supposed to meet up with the homie Russ Wadlin to ride for a bit, but maybe next time. I put together a little flip book using an online host I found. Not quite as clean as flash but it gets the job done for now. Enjoy

Jeremies on ESPN!

Here's a little something that Jeremie and I have had in the works for awhile now. We put this together over many months and finally got it sent over to ESPN. They posted it on their blog and well, if you didn't see it there.. then watch it here! Even if you have already watched it, watch it again! It only gets better every time you watch it. Thanks Mr. Shane Weston. Without your steady, soft, silky hands.. some of these shots wouldn't be possible.

New posts soon

Its cold and I'm being lazy, but we have some stuff scheduled in the near future. Here's a little something until then. Daniel hittin it big and the Hard Rock in Tulsa. Walk in with $20, walk out with $600. Not bad eh.