Monday, February 15, 2010

24hrs to Joplin

So Daniel, Rily, Tell, Chris and I headed over to Joplin for a session of warmth.
Nothin like 5 dudes crammed in the Vue, add BMX, beer and gambling and you have a party.
Rode the late session and shut the place down. There were some cool dudes from Arkansas that we shredded with. Got a few pics of one of them, Drew. After the session it was party car to the Hard Rock in Tulsa. It was after 2am so no more booze which made it a loss for everyone, except Daniel. We finally got to bed just before the sun came up. A few short hours later we woke to frigid cold and some snow...crap. We were supposed to meet up with the homie Russ Wadlin to ride for a bit, but maybe next time. I put together a little flip book using an online host I found. Not quite as clean as flash but it gets the job done for now. Enjoy

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