Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Post for a New Year!

Well little girls.. It is now 2010! The year of the Almighty Nick! Haha just kidding. I'm sitting in our new place right now, wondering how I can shut the dog up that is barking next door. Stupid Lazy manager that lives next door isn't home and his dumb stray dog that he decided to adopt is going nuts. I start an intersession class tomorrow for two week.. Then I'll have my final semester of school right after that. Unless, of course, I decide to go to get my bachelors degree. Haven't quite decided yet. In case you are wondering why I'm not posting anything that has to do with riding... Go step outside. Then call yourself dumb for not knowing. It's freakin cold out people!!! REAL COLD!!! Well, Let's see... I can't think of anything else really. Go buy something from Sidewall Distro. You know you want to....

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