Sunday, January 31, 2010

28 days later...

...we make another post. Haha. Wow. I think I post more on my website now than I do on flyout. Crazy. Well here's another post for you. January has came and gone. Quite a lot has actually happened this month. Shane Weston, Seth Kambro... Cambroooo.. Kimbrah... Kimbrough came through a couple of weeks ago on their way to Austin in search of warmer weather. They also brought along photographer Andrew White. I got to ride with them one afternoon but it was balls cold. Always good to see those dudes. Two days after they ventured out of OKC, Mark Potoczney, his brother, a girl (can't remember her name) and Wert all came through as well. They, too, were in search of warmer climates other than the cold Penn weather. However, they only stayed for a couple of days as well. Then also went on to Austin and stole Jeremie to go with them. HB got some new HD cams so they took a couple and went on a filming adventure. Not sure whats goin down with the footy but I think that it was only a trial run on the cams. And now, January is over. I've purchased some new stuff for my cam. None of which is really video related. It's all more audio related than anything. Oh, and I'm also the proud owner of a really big new TV.. Lemme know if you want to get murdered at Modern Warfare 2.. Jeremie and I have been playing nonstop lately.. 50" screen money green style! Ya heard!?

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