Monday, October 12, 2009

Travels for Days!

So, October has turned out to be a super busy month for me. I leave Wednesday night for Texas for the weekend to chill with my sis. Then I'll get back on sunday for 3 days, then Jerm and I leave for Greenville Thursday morning for 5 days! Then when we get back we will only have about 5 days to pack and move all of our stuff to our still unpainted house. When will we find time to paint the stupid place???? Hopefully soon... otherwise we aint gettin that ducket (another term for money, get with the times)! So ya, I'll be in Texas this weekend and Jeremy Hrabal, Russ Wadlin, and Dylan Morris M.D. will all be here this weekend. So for those of you who are going to be in town, you should be in for a treat with some good sessions goin down. Not really any other news right now.. I have created a blog for my videography stuff. It's only a temporary 2 week trial for right now. I am trying to find someone who would be willing to create a website for me for free... or relatively cheap. So if anyone knows any website developers... get at me. I have a way to host it.. just need someone to create the thing for me! It's all a foreign language to me. Go check out and look at the new edit featuring Seth, Baz, and Mad Jon. Edit is sick. Shanes edit should be out shortly as well. More soon!

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