Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old and New

Not much seems to be going on lately in the ridding scene. I have been working a ton and the weather has been crap. The Halloween jam is in the works, so keep checking back for more info on that. Nick and I just booked two tickets to Greenville to stay with Will Love at the end of the month, we will for sure post some stuff from that. Here are some visuals, vintage and recent. A pic from my summer stays at woodward, a pic Mad Jon took when he hopped the pond for a visit from the UK. The other 2 are from a trip to Austin earlier this year that Walter Peringer took.
If anyone else has anything going on then please send it in. I want this to be the Oklahoma blog, not the Jeremie and Nick blog.
Ice Cube-It was a good day. Always puts me in a good mood.

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