Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where it all started

I remember the days of setting up a board propped up against an old tire in the gravel driveway.
We would start at the farthest end possible, and start pedaling. White knuckle, full throttle dead sailor for the feeling of getting air. One time I had a board and this plastic rubbermaid drawers that I stole from my room, leaving whatever was in it behind. I set it up on top of this hill we had, where below our driveway circled around the house. Think how sketchy; 1-a peice of plastic is the base of the ramp and could explode anytime and 2-since it was on the edge of the hill I was at least jumping 6ft to flat everytime. I finally got smart and moved the lip back so I was landing smoothly on the back side.
Next time you are bored riding, take it back a few steps to the basics. Keep it simple
Also check out, where a photo I took is featured on the Photo Daily, I'm pretty psyched.

Heres Little Matt keepin' in real.

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