Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time No Bloggy!!

Sooo, it's been quite a bit since I've posted on here.. Let me just start out by saying Tough. Get over it. This fool's been MADDDDD busy and haven't had time to do anything but work work and work... and go to school without having any homework done... therefore I've had to drop a class.. booooo just one more to take next semester before I'm done with my associates. In other news... wait.. who am I kidding.. I don't know any news! Well.. Shane came and left.. and so did Seth. Had an edit together for Shane but Have to switch the song now becuase the song was way to slow. I tried to tell Shane.. but oh well. Gimme a week and that madness will be posted. I'm hoping to go ride edmond tonight if it dries up to take a break from the long nights I've been puttin in with some editing stuff for Sidewall and well after I get done riding I will most likely be back to editing. Gotta have it done by Saturday.. It's close and the final product is looking good!

well... hmm... Can't think of much else.

Words of wisdom..
If you're still young... Enjoy it while you can. When you start gettin older life gets more busy... Thus leading to less bicycle time. Lame.

Stay Classy Oklahoma City.

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