Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheap FIlm

Tazz.. is an idiot (refer to pic at left) Well... The last few days have been interesting.. Tazz and FabeDemo have been in town for almost a week now. We've done some filming for a Tree and Leaf Commercial and well... its went ok. Leaving a ditch Jeremie decided to slide down the sidewall of it on his hand leaving it raw, but was still able to get a few good clips. Tazz also came through with some good stuff. Last night I met the guys over at Tree and Leaf and went to their shop for the first time. Those guys are good. Super nice dudes with a rad shop. Support your local Artists and go buy clothes from Tree and Leaf. Thanks to them for lettin us go in and film in their shop for an hour or so. I had a little problem editing the video together last night so Tazz sat down and figured it out and got it put together. It's not quite done yet so check back a bit later for a little sneak peak of it. By the way... anyone got any good flyout trick pics? Email us and send them in.. I'm out. Goin to keep busy. Peace

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